Publishers Weekly BookLife Review is in for “Bay State Skye.”

Publishers Weekly BookLife Review is in for “Bay State Skye.”

We’re pretty excited to read about Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Prize assessment of our latest book, Bay State Skye.We’ve gotten wonderfully positive comments from readers, and now to hear that critics like it as well, we couldn’t ask for anything more. Below is their assessment:

Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize Review:

Inspired by true events, this well-researched intriguing novel exposes the occupational hazards embedded in the Gloucester, Mass., fish and seafood trade in 1990. Vivid, pungent, and layered in deceit, the story verges on an eye-opening look at a lucrative industry as opposed to a work of fiction.

Backed by countless interviews and the author’s firsthand knowledge and experience, the carefully-edited narrative reveals time and place through authentic descriptions and colloquialisms. The author’s tendency to hyper-focus on minute details creates an experience to be savored, rather than quickly devoured.

Illegal acts on the ocean, a popular theme in fiction, may encompass any profession, yet this memorable book stands apart—an intricately-planned historical immersion in Cape Ann that will make an indelible impression on a jaded connoisseur of adventure novels.

Candid protagonists in this character-saturated novel take the story in many directions, with shady personalities at the helm. Their development spins doubt and suspense and triggers double-takes.

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