New England Aquarium’s Ice Sculpture Honors Sea Lions This New Years Eve (2023)

New England Aquarium’s Ice Sculpture Honors Sea Lions This New Years Eve (2023)

The ice sculpture that adorns the New England Aquarium’s entrance is always a favorite. This year’s sea-themed sculpture is especially relatable to anyone who’s had the opportunity to see the sea lion exhibit at the New England Aquarium. I had the opportunity to do just that last January and it didn’t disappoint.

This year’s sculpture was created by Don Chapelle, from Lawrence, MA, who used thirty-two blocks of ice to sculpt a 6-foot-tall, by 9-foot-deep, by 12-foot-wide depiction of the aquarium’s sea lions and their trainer. The two most recent additions to this exhibit are sea lions Gio and Farley, who were found off the coast of California as one-year-olds. They were released back into the wild, but because they were so young, they had difficulty acclimating and needed to be cared for in an aquarium setting, since they were considered non-releasable. The New England Aquarium has had them in their exhibit since July, 2023.

Below is one of the adorable sea lions that I had the opportunity to meet this year. The sculpture is available to be viewed on December 31st, from 1-5pm. But the live sea lions can be visited anytime the New England Aquarium is open.

(Above sea lion photo by Janice S. C. Petrie; 
Featured Ice Sculpture photo from New England Aquarium’s Instagram Page)

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