A Horseshoe Crab Song

A Horseshoe Crab Song

A little pitchy at times, but a cute song to sing to a group of kids about the super cool horseshoe crab. Click on the song title and you can download the song free! There are written lyrics posted as well!

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Performed live at the Palk Basement Show on 10/29/2011, this track showcases some of the fun and energy I bring to my performances – and an audience so enthusiastic that I cracked up! 

Written as part of FAWM 2010.


Big round shell, 
long, pointy tail. 
Scuttles ’round the Delaware Bay ’round May, 
and leaves a funny trail. 
Little green eggs 
beneath the sand 
Hatch little baby horseshoe crabs, 
and I’m their biggest fan. 

When the moon is full, 
When the water’s high 
They come up from the ocean 
’cause it’s egg-layin’ time. 
Not every egg will make it, 
some get eaten by the birds, 
but some become little baby horseshoe crabs; 
every creature gets its turn. 


That tail looks pretty scary, 
but they’re not tryin’ to attack. 
That tail just flips them over 
when they end up on their backs. 
That shell’s a suit of armor 
Shielding them from predators above 
That shell is like a farmer’s plow 
When they’re scootchin’ findin’ food in the ocean mud 


They’ve been around for millions of years 
They’ve been around this earth before 
Long before your mom was born 
Long before the dinosaurs 
But when there’s all this change 
it’s makin’ things a little strange 
so here is what I recommend: 
we’ve got to protect our funny-lookin’ friends! 



released February 11, 2012 
Written and performed by Em McKeever  

Recorded live by Michael Natrin at the Palk Basement 


all rights reserved