Five No Cost Things You Can Do to Help Your Favorite Independent Author

Five No Cost Things You Can Do to Help Your Favorite Independent Author

This is such a brilliant, brief listing of ways to help out a favorite author without spending a dime. I know that most independent authors would be excited if you were able to do just one of the first five suggestions. I know it would make my day! THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who has and continue to help support me and my books.

Best Suggestions:

1. Read the book. Borrow it from the library or if it’s a children’s book, read it in the bookstore.

2. Request to reserve the book at the library. This puts the book on the librarian’s radar, and if he or she receives enough requests, it will help the librarian to make the decision to purchase the book for their city or town.

3. Review or rate the book. This is huge! Search for the book on AmazonBarnes & Noble.comGoodreads, or LibraryThing. If you can only do one, a review on would be the most helpful. Did you know that if a book doesn’t have at least 15 reviews or more, the book won’t come up in searches? (This is on my wish list for my books!)

4. Recommend the book to others on social media. Just a short, “Loved this book” with a photo of the cover is perfect. Tag the author to help people discover more information about him or her.

5. If it’s a children’s book, bring the book to school and read it to a class at story time.
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